Lord, today I choose to trust you, help me to trust more. Amen



Weakness is one of the greatest opportunities when surrendered to God. When we come to the end of ourselves, it is then the God can work with great power.


It’s OK to have doubts. Thomas had doubts, but he took those doubts and worked them through. He took those doubts straight to Jesus and Jesus allayed his fears. We need to do exactly the same. If we live with these doubts they will eat away at our faith, if we take them to Jesus He will help us put them to rest.


God’s blessings come in many different guises. Some we see straight away some we only see and appreciate in retrospect.


I realised I only heard one side of the story

A tale of a war with no hope and no glory

Of struggles and battles and shots in the dark

But there’s never a fire without a first spark

I’d judged them as guilty without a defence

Believing the spin of the allegÄ—d offence

I’d placed the great noose over their head

Without hearing their version I’d pronounced them as dead

I never weighed up the evidence quite as I ought’a

Now things come to light blows my case outta the water

My unswerving belief is starting to crack

And I’m wanting to haul every thought and word back

I trusted the person and ignored the whole scene

I wasn’t as open as I should have been

I’m a little more wise now and a lot less naive

I’ve been covered with grace and have a reprieve.

Power Flow

May the very power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead be at work in your life today, may it flow through you to others and may you trust it to work miracles in the lives of those you meet. Amen

Sunday’s Coming

Can you really comprehend what He did

Can you truly understand

What took place through all the beatings

What our great God had planned

Can you get your mind around it

What He did for you and me

As He let Himself be spat at

As He hung upon that tree

Can you know the true true meaning

What happened there that day

So much more than a man just dying

His perfection paved the way

When perfection is the sacrifice

It’s not just a man who’s led to die

Something happened in the heavenly realms

So much more than met the eye

So when Jesus died that Friday

As He hung upon that cross

He wiped away our every sin

He paid for all our dross

Every mistake that we will make

Hung with Him that day

He took the weight of every sin

For there was no other way

He paid the price we could not pay

And died a death we couldn’t die

But this was only Friday

And Sunday’s coming is the cry!

Rise Up

Rise up, rise up O bride of Christ
Purify yourself and put your armour on
Equip yourself for battle
Prepare yourself for action
The time will soon be upon us
The bridegroom is prepared
The day of The Lord awaits
Do not sleep, do not slumber
For the day is at hand
Ready yourself to fight
With confidence move onwards
The spoils are yours to be had

Be Still

Sheltered, secure, surrounded, surrendered

Hidden in a place no-one can reach

Safe, still, silent, shadowed

Listening for the quietest of voices

Calling, calling and waiting to be heard

Be still, be still and know

Away from the normal and into the extraordinary

Slowing, stopping, stilling, staying

Making time for the wondrous

Making room for the remarkable

Be still, be still and know

Be still and know that I am God

Be still and know that I am your God

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to be betrayed and disowned? Are you ready to be mocked, spat at and ridiculed? Are you ready to be whipped and tortured? Are you ready to have nails driven through your hands and feet and be left to slowly suffocate to death? No? Jesus was! More than that He did it not for His own gain, but did it all for you! You were the JOY set before Him.