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God’s Answer

God’s answer to our sin against Him was not justice and vengeance but love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Perhaps we should bare this in mind when it is us who is wronged.

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Love is…

What is love? Love is giving life and accepting all the consequences Love is allowing freewill knowing the hurt that it will cause Love is showing mercy when you have the right to show anger Love is giving and knowing you’ll receive nothing back in return Love is sacrifice for the unloved and the unlovely…

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None of us knows what lies around the corner. Each day has its own surprises, troubles and joys. We live uncertain lives in uncertain times. Change is constantly with us. Yet God has never let me down. He didn’t let me down in the past, didn’t today and therefore I know I can trust Him…

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Real Beauty

Real beauty is not to be found in your smile but in your heart. It is not to be found in the twinkle in your eye but in your character. The great news in this is that God is in the beauty business. We may not be or feel very beautiful on the inside but…

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It was religion that crucified my Saviour. It was relationship that caused Him to be my Saviour. You can keep religion and I’ll keep my relationship.

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Just Take a Moment

Just take a moment to be. Just take the opportunity to be with God. Not asking for anything. Not thinking what to say or what you have to do next. Simply spend some time with Him. Just be with Him. Just be happy to spend time in His presence. Not rushing away. Not searching for…

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To God Be the Glory

For every flaming arrow of the enemy God’s love is the only remedy God’s love that died there upon the cross God’s love that paid the greatest cost For every temptation that we face There’s God great mercy, amazing grace Amazing Grace that God’s riches bestows Great mercy that God always shows For every one…

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Every day we have choices. We can choose to do good or not to do good. We can choose to be envious of others or be happy for them and thankful for what God has given us. We can choose to be bitter and vengeful or to forgive. We can choose to make the most…

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This Love

There is a love that we just can’t grasp A love that comes from God who is Himself love A love that does not depend on your goodness And never diminishes because of your badness This love is for you, especially for you It is a love that sent Jesus willingly to His death It…

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An Upgrade

Do you need an upgrade of who God is and who He wants to be for you at the moment? God is the one constant in our, ever-changing, lives but our image of Him needs constantly updating. There will be seasons of our lives when we need to see God as a mighty ruler, a…

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On Your Side

God is on your side. He is your greatest supporter and your closest ally. He works everything for your good and wants the best for you in each and every situation. His view of you is entirely positive. Draw near to Him today and receive all that He has in store for you.

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The Right Track

Submit your day to the Lord and He will make your plans prosper. Draw near to Him and walk in His ways, include Him in everything you do. Chat with Him throughout the day and He will ensure you are on the right track.

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The Very Best in You

The Lord God who created you also died for you and now lives for you. He is your great advocate in heaven, speaking to the Father on your behalf. He is working for you and longs to work alongside you in drawing you closer to the Father and helping you serve Him and others better…

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A Deep Sadness

There is a deep sadness that the Lord allows that teaches us of our care, our compassion and our love for others. For who can look at this world and the troubles of others and not ache with sadness for what we see. Our sadness taps into the very heart of God. Our sadness gives…

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The best

God wants the best for you in every situation God knows the best for you in every situation God has the best for you in every situation.

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Life is fragile

Life is fragile. Make the most of every moment. Treasure those who God has given you. Make every encounter a blessing. Forgive quickly. Watch your words carefully. Act even more carefully. Always part on good terms. See the other person’s point of view. Disagree agreeably. Be an encourager. Laugh often. Make people laugh even more…

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Make Him Lord

Make Him Lord of all your life. Every part. Every secret. Every thought. Everything done when no one else is around. Everything you’re embarrassed by. Everything you know is wrong. Let God in. Let His light shine in the darkness. Let no way be barred to Him. For when He is Lord of all your…

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Be the Church

Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to the beach makes you a crab. Being the Church is what makes you a Christian. Being the Church is what will make a difference to you and those around you.

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Hear This

I want you to hear this from me Before others venture to tell you Or, worse still, you find out for yourself I will let you down I will get things terribly wrong I will muck up And I will hurt you I will say the wrong things I will do the wrong things I…

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God’s grace and mercy are sufficient for you. No matter how far you have fallen, He will lift you up and restore you. However low you are, there is a hope in God that cannot be extinguished. You cannot escape the reach of His love for you. Turn and receive, turn and be welcomed back…

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