Jesus is in Your Boat

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Corona Virus Covid-19

These are uncertain times. Many people are now suffering from anxiety due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak. I have decided to quicken the publication of my first book. So, hopefully coming out next week is… God’s Solution to Worry, Anxiety, and Fear – the Corona Virus Covid-19 Edition. With lots of prayers to help us focus on God and to help us pray for others during these difficult times. This book also contains God’s antidote to worry, anxiety and fear – something many of us could do with at present. To be kept in touch sign up at

Still so much to be thankful for…

Lord, we thank you for our homes, places of refuge, comfort, warmth, and security. We thank you for loved ones to care for us, look out for us, talk to us and reassure us. We thank you for the love you have put within us to care for others; family, friends and strangers alike. We thank you for your provision; even though the shops have some empty shelves we thank you that we do have enough. We thank you for our leaders who are working on our behalf to keep us safe, making tough decisions for the best of all concerned. We thank you for our Health Care Services and all who work within them; working tirelessly to treat the ill and the dying. We thank you for scientists, researchers, planners and all those working to lessen the effects of this virus outbreak. We could go on but Lord, finally, we thank you for your peace and the comfort of your Spirit. Help us to turn to you and to fight fear with faith. Amen

God’s Peace

God’s Peace for uncertain times.
1. Know in whose hands your future lies.
2. Remember that God commands us not to worry.
3. Though we may be separated from our loved ones recall that nothing can separate us from God.
4. God’s peace is there for the asking, ask away.
5. Know that God has placed us in families and given us the gift of friends. Ask and they will be happy to help you.
6. Kingdoms rise and fall, viruses come and go but God reigns over all forevermore. Place your trust, not in the actions of governments (though do heed their advice) but in God Almighty the maker of heaven and earth.
7. God will never leave us or forsake us. Are you lonely, talk to Him. Are you scared, reach out and receive His comfort. Are you concerned, then pray.
8. Focus your eyes, not on your own concerns, but focus on God and on the needs of others and God’s peace will reign.

A Prayer for Our Times

Lord for your peace and protection we pray.
When the media would have those around us panic and be anxious may we bring your peace.
Let us all who are well look out for and care for the vulnerable and ill.
Help us not to be selfish but to put others first and provide for those less fortunate than ourselves.
Let us who are in a position of plenty care for those who have need.
May those who are self-isolating know that we are just a phone call away and give us the means by which to provide for them in whatever ways they need.
Help us to look out for each other and especially for the elderly and lonely.
Give wisdom to our governments and leaders, to our healthcare professionals and our scientists.
For all those who have to make tough decisions give them strength and help these decisions to be wise.
For those who have the virus bring healing, peace, help, and restoration.
For those who have lost loved ones to this virus bring Your comfort.
During this time of separation let us remember that nothing can separate us from you.
Help us to replace our normal physical signs of love, like a comforting hug etc., with new expressions of love that show we really care for our fellow humans.
May your peace and love reign in the days to come O Lord.

You Are There

Whether I cross the seas or climb to the highest height you are there O Lord. Whether I go to prison or am stuck at home you are with me, right by my side. Thank you that you go before me to prepare the way and stay with me to help me through. Thank you that you never leave me.