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Rest a While

Rest a while Breathe Take a moment Remember You are loved Your future is secure You are a child of God You are completely forgiven You are covered by His grace He is in control He is faithful He is able He wants the best for you Together nothing is impossible.

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Look to God

When you feel lost look to God and find direction. When you feel afraid, look to God and find peace. When you feel lonely, look to God and find companionship. When you feel heartbroken, look to God and find comfort. When you feel sad, look to God and find joy. When you feel worried, look…

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Okay by Him

I’ll never be good enough. I will always fall short. I will always let people down no matter how hard I try and believe me I do try. However, I have a God who cares more about loving me than he does about judging me. I have a God who is more overflowing with grace…

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Do you have a plan?

Do you have a plan? Do you know where you are going? If not how do you know where you’re going to end up? You wouldn’t get on a bus without knowing if it was going to take you to the place you wanted to go! You wouldn’t just start walking aimlessly into a forest…

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More Precious

More precious then gold is your love for us. More desirous then diamonds is your touch. More sought-after then pearls is hearing your voice. More coveted than all things is knowing you, Lord.

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Many Say

Many say that I am a fool to believe. That say that science has replaced my God. They say that religion is outdated and faith is for the weak. But I know in my heart what is true and I will trust in God. He has not let me down, His promises never fail me.…

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An Open Book

My heart is laid before you, O Lord, my God. My life is an open book for you to read. You know all things, my God and my King. Take my life and use it for your purposes. Grant me what I need, I pray, and fashion me into your likeness.

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When I think of all you have done for me, my God, I can but fall at your feet in praise. You are an amazing God, that you would think of me is beyond my comprehension. May all praise be to you my Lord and my God.

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Forever Grateful

I will praise you O God with all that I have. I will tell of everything you have done for me. How great are your works, how wonderful is your creation. It amazes me that you have done so much for me. I am truly humbled and forever grateful.

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The Lord is Perfect

The Lord is perfect and His ways are just. He overflows with compassion and mercy. His paths are straight and His way is true. He is my light in the darkness. My hope in the mire. My faith amidst the doubt.

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He is the Lord

Everything God says will come to pass. All His promises prove true. He is the Lord, on him you can rely. Place your trust in Him, He will never let you down.

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The Lord is Alive

The Lord is alive, He has risen, He lives. The Lord is my salvation in Him shall I put my trust. He has conquered death and is preparing a place for us. Are you ready live with him for ever?

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The silence of creation shouts of your glory. The heavens and the earth speak of your creativity. Who can understand the complexities of our universe and not fail to see your hand at work. To God be all the glory.

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I am surrounded by things I should be thankful for. I am surrounded by things I take for granted every single day. Lord you provide so much for me. You give me everything that I need, and so much more besides. My life is full of wonderful things. Things that bring me joy, bring my…

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You are with Me

Even when I’m going through the most difficult of situations. Even when you feel far away. I know that you are with me, right by my side. I know you are my protector, my deliverer, you are all that I need. You carry me in times of difficulty. You deliver me from all evil. You…

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My Grerat Protector

The Lord is my great protector. Nothing that I need will He not provide me. Each day He gives me from His bounteous supply. He sends the rain to refresh, He sends food to fill me, He provides for me in every way. I never go without because He is with me, watching over me…

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When hardship comes the Lord is near. He has all the tools in His arsenal to protect me, to guide me, to comfort me and to keep me safe. Nothing does He lack. As I look to Him I see that I require nothing more. He is my all in all. He is my God.

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