Never let a point of theology, however strongly you believe it or how deeply it affects your life, get in the way of the love you hold for one another.


More Like Him

The God that I worship can still the waves and calm the storm and yet, in His wisdom, allows me to endure them so that I may become stronger and wiser and a little bit more like Him.

Christ Alone

Christ alone is my salvation
Christ alone is my reward
Christ beside me
Christ before me
Christ within me
Christ my Lord

All of This for You

God’s grace is more than sufficient, God’s mercy is unfathomable, God’s love is unconditional, God’s patience is never ending, God’s peace is deeper than we’ll ever know, God’s power is inexhaustible, God’s reliability is unquestionable and God’s goodness and kindness are unquenchable. All of this for you, and much more besides!

Sun and Storms

We must remember to praise God when the sun is shining AND when the storm is blowing! If God is worthy of our praise He is worthy of it no matter our circumstances!

We Can

We can believe without having all the answers,
we can trust God without understanding everything,
we can follow without having to know where we are being led, we can know God is near to us without feeling it,
we can serve God without knowing it
but we cannot hear God without listening,
we cannot follow God with trying
and we cannot know God through anyone but Jesus and His word.

All You Need

When God is all you have, God is all you need!

Tread Carefully

Tread carefully with every step
Speak lightly into each person’s life
Listen attentively to the words of others
Think and think again
Be patient lest they understand not
Be thoughtful incase a hurt is hidden
Be understanding of another point of view
Think and think again
Be prayerful before a word is spoken
Be wise before an action is taken
Be mindful of all you do
Think and think again


Our image of God is vitally important to us in our Christian life! How we see Him will directly effect how we relate to Him; how we do what He asks of us and How we see ourselves. Do we see Him as a dictator God just waiting for us to do wrong so that He can punish us? Do we see Him as a distant, powerless God who is disinterested in us? Or do we see Him as a loving father, involved, caring, able to protect and help and wanting the best for us in all situations? Our image of God goes hand in hand with another vital aspect – what do we believe about how God sees us? Do we think God sees us as pawns to be played with? How about people to be controlled and subdued? Does He view is with contempt, anger and frustration? Does He see us as His children? As the apple of His eye? As the pinnacle of his creation? What we believe about God and what we believe He thinks about us will shape our lives more than anything else.


Whatever you speak into the lives of those around you will rise up in them! So, if you focus on their sin that will rise up in them. However, if you speak of their potential it will be that potential that grows! If we speak to them of their lack or of their failings it will be that that rises up but if we speak of the security they can find in God, His love for them, their importance to Him it will be that that rises up! We need to be very careful how we talk to people, what we talk about and how we speak God into their lives!