In every situation there are things to be thankful to God for. We just have decide whether we are going to be thankful or not!



Lord, you have adopted me into your family and called me your child. Please help me to live in that light each day. Amen

My King

I am not wise enough to know
The paths to take, places to go
And so I put my trust in Christ
To whom I owe my very life
He will lead me where He will
In pleasant pastures, by waters still
And with my eyes fixed on Him
I’ll be His servant, He my King.


Do not let your opinion tint your reading of the Bible, let your reading of the Bible tint your opinion.


Do not get hung up about your past – God is not there for you in the past, He is not the Great I WAS ! Do not worry about what is to come – God is not there for you in the future yet, He is not the Great I WILL BE ! Let your focus be the here and now – God is with us in the present, He is the Great I AM !

A Masterpiece

No matter what your past holds, whatever you did or whatever happened to you – with God today is a fresh start, a blank piece of paper, a new beginning. God is a God of continued second chances. He’s in the business of baggage removal and life restoration. Nothing that has occurred in your past is too big for Him to handle and He just loves to handle it for you. God is the master craftsman and we are the work of His hands. If we allow Him He will restore us and that blank piece of paper will become a true masterpiece.

Who We Are

God is far more interested in who you are than what you do!!


It is better to have a poor theology and a good relationship with God than a good theology and a poor relationship with God.

Living Stones

As Christians we are living stones that God wants to build with. He is the cement that holds us firm. Together we can build His Kingdom. Together we are so much stronger than the sum of our parts. Be united in God as He builds us into something magnificent for His glory.

May My Life

May my life serve as an act of worship for you today Lord. May all my achievements be to your glory. May my words be scented with the aroma of you. May my actions be righteous in your sight. May my thoughts be made captive to you. May your Spirit be working in and through me. May your peace rest upon me and all whom I meet. Thank you for the honour of being your fellow worker today.