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What was Jesus like? part two

When Jesus rose from the dead He didn’t appear first to Caesar or the High Priests. He didn’t give the most holy and religious the reward of seeing Him first. He appeared to Mary Magdalene. A women follower out of whom He had cast seven demons. A woman who had suffered from seven major complaints.…

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What was Jesus like? part one

Who would you die for? The chances are that if you’re a normal person you might choose to die for someone you love if the circumstance ever arose. In the split second that you see the car heading towards the young child you might risk your life to save them. Given the time to think…

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Hold On

Life won’t always go to plan, your plan, that is. You will have incredible highs and significant lows in your life, but you have a great constant through it. God is your rock, your anchor in a storm. He is the same at all times; He NEVER changes. When your plans go wrong, His plans…

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Today, I choose to set my thoughts on the things of God. I choose to refrain from worry, from doubt, from unhelpful thoughts, and instead, I choose to focus on those things that are good, pure, noble, and lovely. Help me, Lord, as I keep every thought captive to you. Please teach me how to…

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He is in Control

It is easy to feel helpless when things around you fall apart. When illness strikes, and you don’t have the ability to cure it; when friends hurt, and you can’t take the pain away; when terrorists attack, and there is nothing you can do. We are, for the most part, helpless, but God is not.…

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Created for Greater Things

Set apart from the chaos of the world lies our future. We must continue to remember that we were created for greater things than this. This earth is not our home; we are but passing through. We will soon move on to a brighter future where fear, pain, worry, terror, strife, disappointment, and frustration will…

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Nothing Can Separate You

Death cannot separate you from God, and neither can debt, depression, divorce, disease, demons, doubt, drudgery, or despair. Nothing can stop God from loving you. No matter what you have done, God loves you with a perfect love that will never cease or change no matter how you feel.

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Sometimes we just need to stop. We need to remind ourselves that we are not made up of what we do but of who we are in Christ. We need to remind ourselves that we are loved, forgiven, saved, valued, and wanted. That all this comes unconditionally and can’t be bought or earned. Amidst all…

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Seek Him Out

God is our refuge, but we need to run to Him. He is our strong tower, but He won’t protect us if we don’t seek out His strong walls and safe rooms. Like a majestic eagle, He will shelter us under the protection of His wings, but we need to draw near. God’s job is…

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We All Die

At the end of the day, we all die. Therefore, it is not God’s desire to keep our body alive in this life. He is far more concerned with our spirit. That is what lives on eternally. Our bodies will perish but who we are continues forever. Our life on this earth is not the…

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Patience is not learned from the pages of the Bible, but in the workplace, the family, amongst friends, and even more amongst people we find difficult.

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A Child of God

You are a child of God. He would do anything for you. You are the apple of His eye. He wants the best for you in every circumstance. He knows more than anyone what is best for you. His ways for you are the very finest. Draw near to your Father, and the very best…

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A Different Perspective

Our problems can be all-consuming. Like a brick wall right in front of our faces. We can see nothing else, and it seems insurmountable. However, God has a different perspective. He sees the wall, but it doesn’t look so big to Him. God sees the way around it; He has the power to break it…

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A new month, a new school year, a new season, a new job – nothing is new to God. He goes before us in every situation. Nothing will surprise Him. He knows every end from each new beginning. We simply need to draw near and trust Him.

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God Never Will

People will continually let you down and disappoint you, but God never will. He keeps every promise. He never turns His back on you. He always has time for you. He continues to love you no matter what.

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God of the Moment

God gives us all we need for today.His peace won’t cover us for the worries of tomorrow.He is the God of the moment.When tomorrow comes, it is then that we can receive His peace.Deal with each day as it comes, and God’s peace, grace, and love will cover you.

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