Are we nearly there yet?

When we go on a trip my youngest’s favourite phrase, as with many young ones, is “are we nearly there yet?” Now I don’t have a satisfying answer to give him that he can understand! I could tell him that we’ll be there in 4 hours or it’s another 289 miles according to the sat nav, but he would have no comprehension of what that meant! The same is true of us and God!  We have many questions for God; what about suffering; does hell really exist and how can a God of love send people there; why did my husband, child, dad have to die; when are you coming back; why do bad people seem to get away with it…? The list could go on and on! However, the truth is we could not comprehend the answers that God would give, to us they would make no sense! Our brains are simply not developed enough to take in the answers! Sometimes we just have to sit back and trust that we can’t understand everything and trust a God who has all the answers even if we’ll never comprehend them.

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