To Everyone

Yesterday I published a blog to various sites on Christianity and Homosexuality! I got, as expected, a mixed bag of feedback! Most people were supportive, encouraging, loving, humble – whether they agreed with me or not! However, a few responded with harshness, arrogance, patronisation and blinkeredness! It left me feeling sad, a little angry and very, very thoughtful. It gave me a tiny insight into how others more closely associated with the issue must feel as they deal with other Christians on an almost daily basis. It left me wanting to respond and so here is what I believe to be my considered, appropriate response.
To my friends, family and, in fact, anyone who has had a conversation, discussion or argument with me about spiritual things,
Forgive me! Please forgive me!
Forgive me for times when, in my passion and zeal, I have come across as arrogant or judgemental.
Forgive me for not listening as well as I should have and being too eager to speak.
Forgive me for not spending enough time trying to see you point of view or understand your side of the argument.

Forgive me for not trying to understand better the reasons behind your beliefs or point of view.
Forgive me for speaking in a manner that may have been construed as being disrespectful.
Forgive me for any hypocrisy I may have shown.
Forgive me for maybe coming across as thinking that I am wiser or better than you.
Forgive me for anything that has gotten in the way of the love I have for you.
Forgive me for showing you anything less than Christ himself.
Forgive me for times when winning the argument has seemed more important to me than our friendship.
Please, as my friend point out to me when I do any of these things in the future.

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