There’s a patience that is needed

As we look towards the future

The waiting game is no game at all

And no one likes to play

Though the distant mountains

Shrouded in mist

Will never get any nearer

If one foot in front of another

We are not prepared to put

There is a time that is now coming

There is a hope that we now hold

The preparations will continue

The King will soon be on the throne

Can I wait; will not my heart burst within me

Are we ready for what lies ahead

Or are we lacking, oh so lacking

For the King of Kings to come

Are we looking to the palaces

When He frequents a stable

Are we looking for the power He’ll bring

Or looking for Him to serve

Are we waiting in Holy expectation

Are we tuning up to sing His praises

Or are we wasting time with trivialities

And missing what’s to come

He is coming, we must prepare ourselves

He is coming we must prepare a place

He is coming we must prepare our hearts

He is coming we must prepare, we must prepare

In humility He we join with us

In majesty He will come

Who will welcome him and greet Him

Who will be prepared this night

Will you join me and follow

Will you bring gifts

Will you listen to heavenly voices

Or are you too busy

Listen, in the darkness He is coming

Calling us to Him

Can you hear

Are you prepared to hear

Do not turn away

Do not harden your hearts

Do not be too busy

Do not be too proud

Come and ready yourself

Come and bow with me

Come and prepare

Come in eagerness and hope

It is nearly time

This hour has come

History has been broken into

Your saviour has been born

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