Can you really comprehend what He did
Can you truly understand
What took place through all the beatings
What our great God had planned

Can you get your mind around it
What He did for you and me
As He let Himself be spat at
As He hung upon that tree

Can you know the true true meaning
What happened there that day
So much more than a man just dying
His perfection paved the way

When perfection is the sacrifice
It’s not just a man who’s led to die
Something happened in the heavenly realms
So much more than met the eye

So when Jesus died that Friday
As He hung upon that cross
He wiped away our every sin
He paid for all our dross

Every mistake that we will make
Hung with Him that day
He took the weight of every sin
For there was no other way

He paid the price we could not pay
And died a death we couldn’t die
But this was only Friday
And Sunday’s coming is the cry!

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