Human Rights

We live in a world of, so called, human rights and equality. However, it is an idea that is flawed at it’s very root. People don’t really want equality or human rights they really just want to be able to do what they want to do no matter what. They want equality when it suits them and they want human rights for others when it doesn’t impinge on their rights to do what they want to do. Human rights can’t work because one person’s  rights will effect the rights of others and vica verca. Does one person’s right to practice freedom of speech trump someone else’s right to not be verbally spoken against? The list of conflicts is endless. Thankfully God doesn’t believe in human rights. God believes in humans. He believes in justice, mercy, grace and unconditional love. If our focus is our rights we become selfish. If our focus is God we become other people centred.

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