Mirrored Thinking

Here lying in the gutter
Though staring at the stars
There’s nothing coming close
To mend this broken heart

This heart that lies in pieces
This heart that beats so faint
The blood is quickly draining
Blood no artist can repaint

All know I’m slowly dying
I know it now myself
I dare not look beyond the stars
Despite my ailing health

My independent spirit
My stubbornness and pride
Means I’d rather sit and die here
Than let another be my guide

Intellect is King here
My ego rules the day
No set-aside for human pride
I do it all my way

But I’m sat here in the gutter
And I got here all my way
I stumbled on my human pride
Let my ego rule the day

Intellect means nothing here
I need to find a guide
I’d rather die than sit here
Wallowing in stubbornness and pride

Rejecting independent spirit
To right my ailing health
I look beyond the stars
I know too well myself

I was slowly dying
But the blood of The Artist can repaint
His blood no more is draining
My heart beat no longer faint

This heart that lay in pieces
The Master mends this broken heart
To that nothing can come close
Even the wonder of the stars


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