Ready to Meet Him?

As a teenager I had a Saturday job in a supermarket. There used to be a sign in our staff room that said “What extra do I need to do when an area inspection is coming up?” The answer being “Nothing!” The implication being that we should be on top of our game at all times whether an inspection is due or not. I guess the same is true with us. One day, the day and hour unknown, Jesus will come back like a thief in the night. If we knew He was coming back next year we might have a real push to tell our friends about Him, read our Bible more, pray with more fervour, help a few more old ladies across the road etc. However, we should be on top of our game all the time, regardless of whether Jesus is coming back tomorrow or in a million years time. The truth is Jesus may not come back tomorrow but we may meet Him tomorrow. We don’t know when Jesus will return and we don’t know when we will die. Are we ready and prepared to meet Him?


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One response to “Ready to Meet Him?”

  1. hairballexpress says :

    PURRfect! *((trills))*

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