Jesus was born in a manger or stable because there was no room for them at the inn. The inn was full and so the Saviour of the whole world was not allowed in. There was no room for Jesus, His parents wanted Him to be born inside but the inn was full.

Jesus still wants to be born in our lives but sometimes our lives are just too full. Our diaries are packed, we work til we drop, we fill our lives with busyness and things – our lives are full, and yet in many ways they are empty, filled with nothingness, filled with the trivial and the shallow. We fill our lives with the ridiculous and leave no room for the magnificent. When Jesus turns up He sees our lives are full and He is forced to go elsewhere. Will we make room for Him, will we make time and truly seek Him? The Saviour of all the world chooses to come and dwell with us, will we choose to make room for Him?


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