Forgive Us

May the children who will go to bed hungry tonight,
May the families with nowhere to lay their tired heads,
May the millions with no clean water to drink,
Forgive us for our greed and gluttony
Lord, forgive us also.

May the women, children and men who suffer abuse at the hands of others,
May the neglected, lost and lonely in need of a friend,
May the homeless and the hopeless who need a hand up,
Forgive us for our turning a blind eye
Lord, forgive us also.

For those who suffer because of our destruction of this planet,
For those children who work so that we can get a bargain,
For those who suffer and die to provide us with all we want,
Forgive us for our selfishness,
Lord, forgive us also.

Lord, we want to change, but we need your help
Help us not to just be sorry but in our repentance to change our ways
Prevent us for making these same mistakes over and over again
Show us the steps we need to take each day to change our ways
Help us to simplify our lives so that others reap the benefits.
Help us not to judge our actions by those around us but to judge ourselves by what you would have us do. Amen

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