It’s not just a story that will comfort your heart
Or a crutch for the weak or subject for fine art
It’s not just a focus for Nativity plays
Or a long term fashion or fad or craze

It’s not just blind faith or some kind of false hope
It’s not pie in the sky for those who can’t cope
It’s not the safest option or the easiest way
Or tyrannical leaders and their weak willed prey

It’s not about magic or about losing your mind
It’s not about rules, tough work, hard grind
It’s not about a man with a stick in the sky
Who waits there to punish you as soon as you die

It’s not about finding some kind of escape
Or trying to fix life with some cosmic scotch tape
It’s not about fairy-tales or some kind of fiction
Or telling the future with a holy prediction

You may well believe that it’s all of these things
Or about stuffy traditions and the most ancient of hymns
But I hope you’ll hear me and believe me when I say
For me it’s not like that, I don’t see it that way

For me it’s about lots of evidence collected
Wrongdoings forgiven, relationships reconnected
It’s about believing the truth even though it is tough
About accepting the evidence is just about enough

It’s about taking a step and finding it not misplaced
About experiencing love and feeling embraced
About trusting and having that trust rewarded
About the abundance of grace from which all life is afforded

For me it is not about God’s rules but about God’s care
It’s about knowing the who if not the when and the where
It’s about being accepted no matter what’s in my past
It’s being God’s friend, being no longer an outcast

You can look at my life and my failings and faults
But I believe that my faith stands up to assaults
Because it’s not about me and what I have made it
It’s all about God and the price and He paid it.


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