Clothed in mystery, though with a firm foundation
Trusting for the lack of understanding
As we try to comprehend the unfathomable
The impossible and the incomprehensible.
Take our eyes from here to you, Father God
As we strain in the silence to hear
Give us the patience we need through persistence
Waiting, investing time, looking heavenwards
Picking through the pieces between theory and reality
Between faith and hope and what actually comes to pass
Building, brick by brick, prayer by prayer, a solid base
Listening, in order to see, in order to act
Faithful, Lord, find us faithful in the small things
Help us not to run before we find our feet
Let us establish ourselves on solid rock
May storms never find us wanting
Through the soil and upwards towards the light
Growing stronger, taller, with roots going deep
Fruit will come after pruning, after weeding
A bounteous harvest, in time, in your time O Lord.

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