Greatest Time of Need

We often see the crucifixion through the eyes of Jesus. We see how He must have suffered. We understand a little of the pain He had to endure for us. We even think about the temptation that Jesus must have had to say “enough is enough” and climb down from the cross and relieve himself of all that pain and anguish. We might even be tempted to think badly of God the Father for abandoning Jesus in His greatest time of need. However, we don’t tend to see it from God the Father’s point of view. We don’t see what anguish and torment He must have gone through seeing His only Son dying in agony on the cross. We don’t often recognise the great temptation God the Father must have gone through not to have broken into time and rescue His Son. We seldom stop to think about the huge will-power it must have taken to turn His back on His own Son at His greatest time of need. However, He did turn away, He did allow it to run its course and He didn’t stop it as He so easily could have done – and He didn’t because God the Father knew it was also OUR greatest time of need. He knew that we needed Jesus to suffer and die for us. God went through unimaginable pain in allowing His son to suffer unimaginable pain so that we would never have to.

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