Will You Stand Firm?

When the darkest of nights comes will you be ready
Have you put in the training and anchored yourself deep
Will you stand firm or be buffeted and tossed by the wildest of storms
Will you bend and sway in the wind or snap like deadwood
When the cruellest of trials comes will you be found wanting
Will your faith crack or will it be the Rock on which you stand
Will you allow God’s strength to underpin all you do
Or will you go it alone wandering out into the dark
Have you laid the firmest of foundations on which to build
Or are you putting that off for a tomorrow that never comes
Have you forged the surest of relationships that will stand the test of time
Or is that neglected in the hope that the worst of times will never come.
Build now, for who knows what tomorrow will bring
Learn now, so that you will never be found unready
Pray now, so that He will answer when you need Him most
Prepare now so that the future is firmly in His hands.


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