Baggage, Burdens and Rubbish

The constancy of life will tire us out if we do not constantly lay our burdens down. Each day we pick up so much baggage that we are not meant to carry.  Each day we pick up so much rubbish that the landfills of our life are soon becoming full. God does not want us to carry around the burdens of guilt, fear, regret, anxiety and worry.  Each day we need to lay our burdens, baggage and rubbish down. We need to give them to God and leave them there. Some things we can lay down straight away, some things will need working on but we need to start the process today. God desires for us to live free. He does not want us to be worn out, tired and burdened.

One thought on “Baggage, Burdens and Rubbish

  1. Well said! I have to empty my household trash everyday. If I didn’t, it would soon be overflowing and hard to deal with. And so it is with our own daily accumulation of cares of the world, worries, concerns…and yes, it becomes baggage that we drag around with us, and will tend to pull us down spiritually and emotionally. We need to cast our cares on the Lord lest these things soon overwhelm us. How can we ever learn to be overcomers unless we obey Jesus in these things.

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