God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, working together in perfect harmony, in a perfect relationship. Each has different roles, each are different and yet each are equal. Here is our model to follow. We were made for relationship, we were made for community, we weren’t made to be alone. We were all created different, each of us are unique, each of us has a different role to play. Each of us, though different and having different roles, are equal. Whether we are a King or a pauper we are equal in the eyes of God and everyone should be equal in our eyes as well – none of us are more important than any other. None of us are better, none of us are less sinful, none of us are more or less deserving of the love, grace and mercy of God. In the eyes of God we are all equal, we are all the same and we are all completely, overwhelmingly and abundantly loved and made to be in relationship with Him.


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