Easter part one.

Today, this very day, I picked up a hammer

And with all the might I could muster from within my being

I swung that iron block onto a nail

That iron spike ripped apart the flesh it was aimed at

That iron spike pierced the skin of the one laid before me

I swung again and again with no thought to His pain

My selfishness picked up the hammer with little thought

My sinfulness all focussed within this nail as it divided bone from sinew

And my wickedness took aim again and swung

I pounded, iron upon iron until iron embedded in wood

Nail holding flesh to cross, blood pooling beneath

Evilness holding perfection to account

Wickedness and purity entangled on that hill

Nails holding the Saviour to a wooden cross



Then surrounded by all humanity I helped to raise him up

Raising Him high for all to see His guilt and shame

Raising Him high for all to see our wonderful work

We made some quips, half thought out, completely cruel

Insults were hurled at him and some came from my mouth

I gambled with my friends for His pitiful possessions

The leftovers of some supposed, now deposed, King

And He hung on high like a trussed up lamb

His life ebbing away with every shallow breath

Painfully, slowly, oh so painfully slowly

And then I laughed, a laugh that grew from within

And burst forth like thunder into a silent sky

A laugh rooted in wickedness and sinfulness

Telling the heavens I know not what I do.


To be continued…

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