Easter part three

I found myself enduring the longest day in my history, in all of history

A day held in tension between death and life, between the end and the beginning

He had told us it was finished but a few said that this was not the end

Some said He had raised a man from the dead and He spoke of coming back himself

Everything told me that this could not be and yet I so wanted to believe

I so wanted to believe in this man yet I had seen with my own eyes

I, myself had nailed his hand to the cross and helped to lift Him high

I had watched His struggle and seen Him take His final breath

I cringed as the soldier approached and plunged his spear into His side

There was no doubt at all this man was dead, He had no life left in Him

I saw them take Him down, wrap His body and place Him in a sealed tomb

And yet I stand here waiting, expecting something more, something new

Was this man a deceiver, was He insane or was He who He said He was

There is no other option and now I stand and wait, waiting for the truth


I rose early for I could not sleep anyway and could toss and turn no more

Am I just fooling myself, could these meek and mild followers of His be right

I could not put my faith in them, but He was something different, believable

But could He really be who He said He was, could this man really be God

I needed to go and find these followers, had there been any news

I found some of the women I had seen at Calvary on Friday, headed to the tomb

They were going to anoint the body of their friend, but was this the body of God

I walked with them, such grief flooded their bodies and I hoped that I could help

Suddenly the ground shook as an earthquake hit, like nothing I had known before

We held on, we held on to each other for dear life, fright gripping our bodies

And then I saw what I can only describe as, a man not of this world

He stood in radiant white, almost shining, man and yet not man

In fear we listened as he spoke, telling us not to be afraid, he knew who we sought

And then, fulfilling all hope, he told us… He is not here… HE IS RISEN.


To be continued…


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