Easter part four

Had I just heard what I wanted, desperately, to believe

Had he really said that this man that I nailed to a cross was now alive

I hardly dared believe that this could possibly be true

We made our way to the place where they had laid His body

Where I had seen them put Him and roll a stone across to seal His fate

The guards were still there, though they stood as if dead beside the stone

The stone which had now been rolled to one side

I was struggling to take this all in as we now saw that the tomb was empty

There, simply folded, were His grave clothes but He was not within them

The women were convinced that He had risen and we all went to find the others

We wanted to tell them all about the things we had heard and seen

But when we found them they astounded us by telling of seeing the risen Christ

They spoke of seeing Him as clear as day, they had talked with Him

And were as convinced as any man that though He was dead He is now alive


It was not long until we need not take their word for it

Jesus, who they called the Christ, appeared to me and the others

Jesus, the man I nailed upon a cross, stood, alive, before my very eyes

Jesus, the man I knew was dead, was now very much alive

This was no trick of the light or some great illusion, this was reality

This man spoke, walked and was as alive as you and I have ever been

Jesus had truly conquered death and not just for Him but for all mankind

Where O death is your sting, where is your victory now

This was something that my mind could not really comprehend

Because of me He had died and yet He had died in order to save me

As I was nailing Him to that cross He was already preparing to forgive me

My hate, my sinfulness, He took upon Himself and turned into a wonderful love

This is a love like man has never known; this was love that knew no limits

Jesus Christ, Saviour, God, Redeemer; dying to forgive me, rising to save me.

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