From the Depths of Despair

I stand in the place where dreams come to die

Hopes lie round my ankles, trampled, broken
Smoke spirals upward from the lights extinguished
And darkness falls like the heaviest of burdens
The air is heavy with the lethargy of life
Eyes vacant, no focus, no glint of joy
The distant rumble of the shadows of what might have been
Never far from a mind collapsing into chaos
Hollow echoes roll down the halls of despair
Falling on ears choosing not to hear
On eyes choosing not to see the loneliness within
The loneliness only a surrounded person can truly know
Golden embers spark to life in far off visions of hope deferred
To what end only painful time will tell
Embers of light or sparks to herald thickening smoke
Smoke to choke and blind and suffocate all light
He gave His word that this would come to pass
He did not hide the peril of the journey’s route
It was not if but when great tribulation fell
There was no veiled threat but openness about this foe
Darkness may come and dwell within your heavy heart
And hope for all tomorrows now seems lost
But there is a flame the darkness fails to shroud
There is a light the smoke will try, but fail, to hide
A friend, closer than the closest brother
A hope, growing through the fiercest storm
An answer, bringing clarity to disorder
A light, to guide and show the way, the way back home
The darkest night is broken by the flickering shards of dawn
Slowly, imperceptibly at first, the rays will break forth
A light that even the most thunderous of clouds cannot obscure
A light bringing forth colour to a life of shadowed monochrome
Every step He has covered with His own
Unnoticed, like a shadow silently He follows
Oft ignored and seldom wanted, available still the same
Empathy has not known a man such as this
The heads of dying dreams He lifts above the waves
And leaves the storm but stills the racing heart
And if I just look his fingerprints on lessons learned I see
As Shepherd-like He guides with word and deed
A deed once held by nails so cruel
A word of promise still to be fulfilled
And though the storms come and build and rage
He is my anchor, my refuge and my solid ground.

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