Let Forgiveness Bring You Freedom

When someone wrongs you they place you in a cage. They trap you. They limit your freedom. The cage may be a cage of fear, irritation, bitterness, anger, hurt or resentment. The cage can become a dreadful place in which to live. The bars can increase in number and the nights can become very dark and cold. Yet you have the key, the means of escape, the means to regain your freedom. That key is the key of forgiveness. Forgiveness releases you from the cage that they have placed around you. Forgiveness releases you from the hold they have over you. Forgiveness gives you back your freedom and hands you back the control. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that what they did was right or didn’t hurt, it means that you’re not going to allow it to continue to hurt. It means that even though they were wrong you are going to continue to do what is right. Who do you need to forgive today? Let forgiveness bring you freedom.

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