Eight Beautiful Attitudes


When honesty abounds and the truth is what I speak
I know my faith is pretty poor, I know my spirit life is weak
Yet when I choose to thirst for God with all that is within
I know that God will hear my cry and the blessing will begin
Blessed are the poor in spirit

When I look at my poverty, the lack in my walk
My heart is sad, I sit and cry and grasp the final stalk
I mourn for what my life could be, I mourn over my sin
Yet I know that God will hear my cry and the blessing will begin
Blessed are those who mourn

I used to long for riches, for gold and precious rings
I wanted more, I wanted fame and all these worldly things
But I have turned my back on this and my God gives second chances
And I have learnt to be content in all life’s circumstances
Blessed are the meek

What I feed will grow in me and what I starve will die
I choose to feed the hunger I have found for God on high
I choose to feed the kingdom He’s planted here in me
And when God asks who’s hungry I will lodge a guilty plea
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness

When it comes to God’s forgiveness it is I who is in need
And when others come to me I will refrain to make them plead
As forgiveness has been given me so I shall freely give
For as humans we will surely err, but in forgiving I will truly live
Blessed are the meek

Purity, integrity, sincerity are a battle that I daily face
A battle I would lose each day without God’s saving grace
I strive to form my character in God’s refining fire
To purge myself of all my faults for this is my desire
Blessed are the pure in heart

To live in peace and spread God’s peace, to all who come my way
To soothe those troubled waters of the battle and the fray
To speak words of peace and keep the peace in all I say and do
To remain at peace and trust the God of peace when the devil turns the screw
Blessed are the peacemakers

And after all is said and done and I’ve stuck right to my task
If my life is right and my walk is true persecution is what I ask
They will criticise, mock and sneer at every step of my life story
But though they persecute me still it is my greatest victory.
Blessed are those who are persecuted

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