Take the Masks Off

Is it time to take your church mask off? That mask that says everything is fine, when you’re hurting inside. That mask that says my faith is just fine when you’re about to give up on it all. That mask that says, struggles, what struggles when you’re at the end of your tether. That mask that covers over the strained relationships, the mounting debt, the silent illness, the work pressure, the secret sins and countless other troubles. Is it not time for us to be real with each other? Is it not time to throw of the shackles of Christian respectability and say I’m not OK. I’m struggling and I’m sorry if that makes you feel awkward or helpless or embarrassed but that is how it is and if I can’t share it with my church family then there is something really wrong. Isn’t it time we were honest with each other and became real travellers together in this difficult world in which we live? Life isn’t an act, a one act play where we must kept to the most respectable of scripts for fear of fluffing our lines or putting others off. Life is real and so should we be. Let’s take off the masks and be real together, sharing one another’s burdens with love and compassion.

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