Forgiven, Totally Forgiven

Forgiven. totally forgiven. It’s hard to take it in really. Having a debt that you had no means of paying written off, paid on your behalf. Not paid by some billionaire for whom it means nothing but paid for with somebody’s very life. Yet He asks nothing in return. He doesn’t want you to feel guilty or do things to pay Him back. He has paid the price for all your wrong doing with no strings attached. It’s not conditional on you working hard or being good from now on, in fact He’s paid for all the things you will do wrong in the future as well. The only thing we need to do is accept this gift. We just need to accept that we have done wrong and that Jesus paid the price for our wrong doing. If we truly believe this then everything we do will be in response to this. Not because we have to or that Jesus requires us to but because we want to. What a price to pay, I can hardly take it in.

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