Help Us to Change

It’s quite a hard thing to imagine that someone would give up everything for us.
That someone would lay down their life so that we might live.
Not in a moment of madness.
Not as a knee jerk reaction.
But thoughtfully, purposefully, willingly.
That someone who had done no wrong, who least deserved to suffer and die, would do it for evil, ungrateful, undeserving people is beyond my understanding.
That Jesus, a man who knew not sin, chose to take the punishment for all our sin is humbling beyond words.
This should change us more than it does.
We should be more thankful, more relieved, more worshipful.
We should respond in so many different ways, good ways, ways that make a difference to us and to others.
If this fact does not change us for the better then we haven’t fully understood it or truly believed it.
Lord, help us to understand, help us to believe, help us to change for the better for the good of others and for your glory. Amen.

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