I Spoke With God

I spoke with God
And I questioned Him
I said, Lord you are all powerful and all loving
Yet I see around me so much suffering
I just don’t understand
He stooped down and spoke gently
My child, you see only in part
And you understand only in part
You are blind and yet you expect to see
You are human and yet you wish to understand God
But Lord, I replied
I am but a man yet I have some understanding
I am blind yet you can make the blind see
Very well, God replied
Does a women refrain from having a second child
Remembering her pains in childbirth of the first?
Does a father not allow his son to ride a bike
Knowing that he will likely fall and be in pain?
Does an athlete not suffer in their training
So that they can gain the ultimate reward?
Who will not put themselves through suffering
In order to achieve their goal?
You understand little
Because you know little
Earth is all you know
And yet eternity awaits
Do not be trapped by your own experience
Your only experience
Your life is like the first second of the first day of the year
Yet you will live with me forever
And I will wipe away every tear
I will make all things right
I will make all things new
Now you know only in part
Then you will know all things
See all things
Understand all things
Now you live in mystery
Then you will live in wisdom.

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