A Place

A thin place, a close place
A place where we draw near.
A safe place, a place of light
A place to hear, a place to speak

A good place, a clear place
A place where God draws near
A holy place, a place of prayer
A place to rest, a place to dwell

A Godly place, a grace place
A place for a small still voice
A quiet place, a place of hope
A place to be, a place to think

A Kingdom place, a healing place
A place to call your own
A still place, a place of peace
A place to stay, a place to stop

A faith place, a refreshing place
A place where mercy’s found
A secure place, a place of joy
A place to cherish, a place to love

Have you found your place yet
Have you found a place to be with God
A place without the distractions of the world
A place where it is easy for you to be you and let God be God.

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