Let Yourself Believe It

Precious doesn’t even come close
Costly barely begins to describe it
The worth of your one and only life
The price of redeeming it forever

Worthy are you, worthy of His life
Worth everything, worth dying for
Made in the very image of God
Made right by the only son of God

You are the prize and what a prize you are
Loved, beloved, liked and forgiven
For you He left everything, gave up everything
For you He was beaten, mocked, spat upon

All this so that you need not face it
For you He was killed so that you need not face it alone
What joy was set before Him during those days
What a prize to be obtained, to spur Him on

You kept Him going in those darkest days
You were all He needed to battle on
He thought you worthy even then
So worthy He did it all for you

Yet, You would have mocked Him
It would have been your spit running down His cheek
Your hand holding the hammer high
Driving the nails between flesh and bone

Yet, He totally and completely forgives you
His love for you coves over all your evil ways
You were lost but now He has brought you home
You are His pride and you are His joy

You are worthy, worthy to receive from Him
If it were not so He would not give
His love for you does not depend on you
On your actions, thoughts and failings

His love for you is constant, unchanging
For it relies purely on Him, the God of Love
Let yourself believe just how loved you are
Let yourself, just for a moment, truly believe

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