Light in the Darkness

Battered, bruised and broken
Lying on the floor
Alone, despised, dejected
Can’t take a moment more

The world has had its judgement
And people had their say
I have been rejected
Come darkness have your way

The knife that cuts the deepest
The pills that numb the pain
The guilt the drink disguises
All this for greater gain

But there’s someone in the darkness
A face I cannot see
A voice, I hear its distant echo
A man, reaches out to me

A chink of light in my darkness
Through which I can see
Strains of hope and joy and peace
Has someone heard my plea

Words of friends now resonate
Not just a hollow ring
New meaning and new focus
New purpose now they bring

The voice calls out to my soul
And now I see His face
He shows a glimpse of heaven
I shows me endless grace

So He will be my focus
I’ll seek to know Him more
This Christ that friends all talk of
Let’s see what’s now in store

A friend in Christ, Christ as a friend
The difference that it makes
Complete and utter transformation
Forgiveness for past mistakes

Light into the darkness
Hope instead of pain
Joy displaces sadness
Reason to live again

Christ is my redeemer
Jesus, my closest friend
Light overcomes the darkness
Found love that never ends

There is hope for every heartache
No matter how very bleak
God is there, just waiting
For all who choose to seek

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