Simply You

Well Lord, I give up
I’m throwing in the towel
I can’t do this any more
Not this week, not any longer
I’m empty, fed up, exhausted
I’m deflated, hurting, heartbroken
I have nothing left to give
I can’t love my neighbour
I can hardly love myself
I can’t hurt with the hurting
Or give compassion to the broken
Not now, not any more
I can’t be the friend I want to be
I cause more pain than comfort
I can’t hope to help
I can’t help anyone, no more
It’s over to you
I throw my hands up in surrender
I’m beaten, good for nothing
No use to anyone
It’s all up to you now
Leave me out of it
Relieve me of my duties
Take full charge
I am an empty vessel
Finished, worthless, useless
But I am your empty vessel
And into your hands I place my being
Your humble servant awaits your call
Not me but you Lord
Not my will but yours
Not in my strength but yours
For my will is weak
And my strength has left me
Bypass me Lord
Through me, but all of you
In your strength Lord
And yours alone
Let me simply be a channel
Take nothing from me
Give everything through me
Nothing of me Lord
Simply you

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