I Stood There

I just couldn’t understand why they hated him so
I stood there half in fascination, half in terror
It was all I could do to stop myself from joining them
Their fervor and passion was so infectious
I stood there half in fear and half in awe
Like a pack of wolves encircling their prey
They kept on coming, relentless
Hurling abuse whilst others spat or hit him
I stood there half in sympathy, half in disgust
Trumped up charges were brought and dismissed
And still they would not stop
As the blood flowed their intensity increased
They would not stop until they had gotten what they came for
I stood there half in disbelief, half in rage
The innocent should go free, of course
But no, the guilty make quick their escape
No justice in this world’s eyes
No justice for the pure and the perfect
I stood there half in sorrow, half in shame
And finally the judgement came, the answer they so wanted to hear
Like conquering heroes they had their victory
Justice had not prevailed
But they cared little for that
They would have their crucifixion
They would have their moment
I stood there half dying, half not wanting to live
I stood there and I stand there still
Half believing something, half doubting everything.

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