Nothing Left

There is nothing left to give
Only emptiness remains
Empty words
Empty gestures
Empty promises
The well is dry
The storehouse is bare
Deflated, abandoned, devoid
My being just a shell
Desolate, deserted, vacuous
There is nothing left at all
I have come to my end
You must now begin
Where I lack
Bring abundance
Where I am empty
Bring sufficiency
God of provision
God of plenty
Give where I cannot
Provide where I have failed
Restore where I have broken
Build where I have destroyed
Be all that I cannot be
Use my inadequacy
To show your excess
Use my weakness
To show your power
Use my failures
To show your perfection
I have nothing left to give
I have nothing left bar you
Yet you are the best I can give
So may you be glorified
Glorified in my lack
Glorified in my emptiness
Glorified in my everything.

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