The Pain We Cause

The most jagged of edges
Leaves the deepest of scars
The bluntest of tongues
Cause the brutalist pain
When we meet on the battlefield
And our characters clash
There is really no end
To the scars we’ll inflict
The damage we cause
As we unleash those words
The fear and the anguish
From unthought through acts
The trail of destruction
That we leave in our wake
For we haven’t considered
The right path to take
Let every thought
That turns into a word
And every action
We unleash in the world
Be considered and wise
Bringing good and not ill
For we are He people
Doing His will
We are not evil
Unleashed on the earth
So check every thought
Every action and word
Bring good and God’s peace
Bring joy and not hurt
Bring hope and love
Spread truth and not dirt.
For we are God’s people
And this is His song
Do good to your neighbour
And do them no wrong.

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