Tears Roll

Tears roll like daggers down my cheek
My heart lies in pieces like an unstarted jigsaw
Cast upon the icy cold waters of despair
Pain is what tells me I’m alive and tells me I don’t want to be
Darkness creeps in from every angle, engulfing all
Deep is the well of emptiness that is built around me
Loneliness lurks in the corner like a stranger on a dark night
All hope is fading, all help has turned its back once again
All help but one, all help but the one who is always near
All is dark bar a flickering light that awaits my focus
A flickering ember just awaiting to bust into flame
A light of warmth, a light by which to see all things
By which to live, a light to bring perspective, clarity
A light that restores hope, brings help, provides comfort.
Blow oh breath of God and bring life to those embers of hope
Bring light, bring warmth, satisfy my every need
Lift my fallen being, light my empty frame
Restore my brokenness, fill my emptiness, dispel my darkness
For you are my all in all, my everything, I need no more

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