Easter Saturday

Waiting, in fear and anticipation
Is it just a vain hope?
Will all hope be lost?
Or could it actually all come true?
Waiting in fear and trembling
Has everything just come crashing down?
Is this the end?
Was it all just lies and speculation?
Waiting, in darkness and despair
Who will help us now?
Where do we go from here?
Devastated, can we really go on?
Waiting in darkness before the dawn
Is it true, could it possibly be?
Could I dare to believe?
Is my hope to be rewarded?
Waiting in expectation and faith
They say He’s alive
But can I believe them?
Surely I need to see for myself?
Waiting in overwhelming excitement
Have I really seen him with my own eyes?
Can I truly believe what I see?
With everything I have, I cry out, YES!

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