If I Choose

If I choose to believe and trust in the God of the Bible, which I do, I need to believe in the whole package. If I choose to give my life to Him then I need to give it to Him in the good times and the bad times. I need to believe in things that bring me hope and joy as well as the things that I grapple with and don’t understand. I need to trust Him with the things that warm my heart and with the things that chill me to the bone. If I am to accept His grace and mercy I must also be open to His discipline and correction. If I choose to have God in my life that means my whole life, not just the areas where I find Him helpful. If I choose to submit my life to Him I must submit in the things I agree with and in the things I disagree with. I can’t have it all my own way, I must want it all God’s way. For after all, He is God!!

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