Eternal God

You are the eternal God. You were not created, you have always been. You have no limits, constraints, no beginning and no end. You are not constrained by time or space. You are the King of all kings, all thrones are but footstools to your own. You are sovereign and your reign will never end. You hold all the cards. You know all things. You are perfect in every respect. You don’t make mistakes and you regret nothing that you have said or done. All your ways are good. You are love and everything you do stems from that. In you there is no evil. You are self sustaining and sustain all things. You need no help. You are just and all your ways are perfect. You know all things, nothing is beyond your knowledge. You are all powerful, there is nothing that you cannot do. You are unimaginably creative, everything that is and will be is put in motion by your hand. Everything you do succeeds, you have never failed, you can never fail. What you start will always be accomplished. You are eternally full of joy, contentment, love, peace, grace, mercy, hope, kindness, compassion, patience and understanding. You have perfect sympathy and empathy. You have at your command a heavenly army to do your bidding. You answer to no one, you are completely in control, completely in charge. And therefore, I will place my trust in you!

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