What Was Jesus Like? Five

What was Jesus like?
Who would you die for? The chances are that if you’re a normal person you might choose to die for someone you love if the circumstance ever arose. In the split second that you see the car heading towards the young child you might risk your life to save them. Given the time to think about it would you give your life to save someone you don’t know or don’t even like? I’m guessing not? Jesus had plenty of time to consider His actions. He knew exactly what He was taking on. He knew what was going to happen, He had the choice and He chose to go through with it. We simply cannot imagine the pain and suffering He chose to bear. He chose to bear the consequences of all of our sin, one man, all of our consequences!! He chose to die for His disciples and for those who loved Him. However, He also chose to die for those who hated Him, those who crucified Him, those who mocked Him, rejected Him, spat at Him and beat Him. We are told that whilst we were still His enemies Jesus died for us. Knowing all that He would have to go though He chose to suffer and die for us. Not for His gain but for ours. What amazing love, what incredible compassion, what unfathomable sacrifice and inexplicable grace and mercy. Surely this is someone worth knowing?

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