There is a Better Way

He hurt you
She ignored you
They made you feel bad again and again
He used you
She lied to you
They never gave you any love
He beat you
She laughed at you
They always spoke down to you
He left you
She teased you
They never said anything nice to you
You can believe them
You can take on board what they said
And be crushed by what they did
You can let them get to you
You can let them eat you alive from within
You can believe their lies
You can carry that burden
You can buckle under the strain
But there is another way
You can let go
You can believe what God says about you
You can listen to His truth
You can forgive and be released
You can turn your focus away from the hurt
You can learn from the past and move on
You no longer need to be a prisoner
Held captive by the past
Held captive by the words and actions of others
There is a better way
There is a brighter future
A future free from the chains of before
A future full of hope
Full of joy
Full of love
God holds the key to that future
Will you turn and allow Him to unlock it?

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