Darkness and Light

It’s cold in here and dark
There’s very little light
No one can get to me in here
As long as my eyes stay shut tight
I’m teetering on the edge
Around is black as night
My hope is fading fast
Vanishing out of sight
Alone I sit and think
But thoughts are all diffused
I search for some clarity
In a mind that’s so confused
I long to stir to action
But I haven’t got the strength
I want to find the light
To go to any length
But it’s cold in here and dark
And the light is very dim
I can only close my eyes
And simply wait for Him
But I know that if I stay
If I turn towards His face
He will lift my life again
Fill it with His grace
Bring a light into my darkness
Bring a warmth into my life
Set my foot upon His pathway
Aid me in my strife
He’s the light that shows the tunnel’s end
He’s the hope that never fades
He’s the God who loves the helpless
He’s the God who always saves.

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