All I Have

With all I have
which is not a lot
with all I am
not that I’m not
with all within me
and all you see
with that that’s costly
and that that’s free
will all my good times
and all my bad
with my shrinking violet
and Jack-the-lad
with pride and anger
shame and humility
with being spirit-filled
and in my humanity
with dragging feet
and gritted teeth
with a skip in my step
and a desire for truth
I come
not because I must
but because I may
Into your presence
I come and stay
In your peace
I wash my face
In your arms
find mercy and grace
In your eyes
are love and hope
with you there
I can cope
all you are
and all I’m not
find completion
there in that spot
all I am
and all I can be
find completion
in your reality.

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