Serving God

Stuck in a dead-end job? Working for a difficult boss? Struggling at home with the kids? Unemployed? Full-time carer for a difficult relative? Remember, whatever you are doing you are serving God in that place. You are working for God and not an earthly company or person. There is no such thing as unemployed with God – He always has plans for you to get involved with. Wherever you are you have the opportunity to grow in your Christian life and put the fruits and gifts of the spirit into action. What is God wanting you to learn in the situation in which you find yourself? You can serve God by loving and caring for those around you and by being a witness to them of all the things that God is doing in your life. However dull, dismal and difficult your life seems we serve a higher power and can bring Him glory each day in all that we do. Let not our focus be on our earthly troubles but on the one whom we serve and is worthy of all our praise and glory.

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