Love for Us

God has an unconditional love for us.
A love that is unchanging, constant, never ending!
A love that is not dependent on circumstances, mood swings, what we do or say.
Totally unconditional!
We must have this same love for others.
A love that covers over differences and disagreements.
A love which the Bible tells us (1 Peter 4:8) covers over a multitude of sins.
A love that always forgives, is full of grace and abounding in mercy.
A love that focuses on that which unites and not that which divides.
A love that picks up the fallen and gently reinstates them.
A love that puts others first.
A love that focuses us on the goal but ensures we don’t step on others in order to get there.
A love that helps us see others as God sees them.
A love that always sees the best in others and always hopes the best for others.
A love that serves.
A love that can only come from God Himself.
Flowing through us to those around us.
A love that died on a cross for all.

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