A Way Through

If God has spoken into a situation hold firm to that. Don’t give up. Don’t let circumstances or other people persuade you otherwise. Don’t let practicalities get in the way of what God is asking you to do. It may seem impossible but, if God has called you to it, He will provide a way through.

2 thoughts on “A Way Through

  1. Good advice Nathan. In making a big decision and seeking His will in the Word, I will highlight the passage or sentence. Making note of the Life Word, date and impact it had on me at the time. I also am one who journals. I go back as often as I need to to remind myself or ask God more questions about the Word and or situation. Yes, people and often time what “makes sense” can cause our stand to weaken. Rereading His Faithfulness brings me back to my place on the Rock! God bless and thank you for sharing!

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