Our Image of God

Our image of God is vitally important to us in our Christian life! How we see Him will directly effect how we relate to Him; how we do what He asks of us and How we see ourselves. Do we see Him as a dictator God just waiting for us to do wrong so that He can punish us? Do we see Him as a distant, powerless God who is disinterested in us? Or do we see Him as a loving father, involved, caring, able to protect and help and wanting the best for us in all situations? Our image of God goes hand in hand with another vital aspect – what do we believe about how God sees us? Do we think God sees us as pawns to be played with? How about people to be controlled and subdued? Does He view us with contempt, anger and frustration? Does He see us as His children? As the apple of His eye? As the pinnacle of his creation? What we believe about God and what we believe He thinks about us will shape our lives more than anything else.

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