What if His plan is not to heal but to simply bring you home What if He has things in store for you that need to stay unknown There is a trust you have to find the sight of those they call the blind
A trust and faith in the one who owns the throne
There is a trust that bypasses total understanding
That says that who you are is more important than what I know or comprehend
This is a trust I need to find and savour
I need to grasp and grow it and not just make and mend
I know, truly believe that God is amply worthy
I look for that pathway of trust to have, to hold and share
My feet grope in the dusk for a route to follow
I learn to lean and all the time the doubt’s still there
I know, truly believe there is a good way forward
I know I’m not just shooting, shouting in the dark
My hands will lay their grip upon the scarce solution
And yet for now the air is whistling tunes cold and stark.
It’s in the time just before the dawn of understanding
The darkness seems most black before the sun’s first glint
It’s then that I will choose to trust my saviour
To stand in faith and set my face like flint.

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