Our Own Way

Does the blame lie with us?
Our news is full of dreadful stories.
Bombings Suicides Murders Fires
It is easy to point the finger at individuals
The unstable
The truly Evil
But are we not all to blame
Have we pushed people away that much
Have we neglected the lonely and the desperate
Have we caused such ferocious anger in others
Has our greed and arrogance pushed people to this drastic action
We do not feed the poor
Yet we are surprised when they steal to feed their family
We have abundance yet half the world have but scraps
Can we really be shocked when they rise up against us
We neglect to care for those around us
Can we not understand when people crack and do horrific things
Have we abandoned all that is good
Exchanged it for a false reality of rights
Made our own rules by which we all fail to abide
We cry out and blame individuals
We cry out and blame God
Yet we have thrown God out and all His ways
We have forbidden Him in our schools and workplaces
We have taken His wisdom from our laws
We have made money, intellect and selfish desires our God And now, do we not reap the consequences?
Have our broken homes created broken lives
Have our fragmented communities led to desperation
Have our sinful desires been at the expense of others
Have our grey churches created sceptical onlookers
We have abandoned God
Has God honoured us and given us the desires of our heart
Has He left us to our own vices
Have we finally got it all our own way…

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