Defines Us

Do not let the world define who you are. The world will tell you that you are a teacher or an accountant or unemployed. The world will say you are successful or a plodder or a failure just because of the job you do or the fact that you can’t get a job. The world will say you are single or married or separated or divorced or widowed and again will put you in a box accordingly. The world will judge you and put you in any number of boxes. Let yourself, instead, be defined by God. He knows you and treats you as an individual. God sees you as you are and defines you as precious, valued, special, loved, cherished, worthy, wonderful and magnificent. He sees you as the apple of His eye. He defines you as worthy of dying for. He doesn’t put you in boxes but releases you from them. Let us see and define ourselves today as God sees and defines us.

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