We Cannot Be Static

We cannot be static
Yet we must stand firm
Movement is required
And stillness as well
Constantly changing
We must never remain the same
And at the same time solid
We must be more of a body
Far less of a building
It must be less about religion
And far more about relationship
Don’t make it about rules
About laws and “do nots”
It’s not about who’s in and who’s out
It’s so much more about love
About acceptance and grace
More about a God who is love
Than a church that is about judgement
It’s not about points of theology
As if out intellect were king
It’s about respect and mercy and… .
..and about acknowledging that we all fall short
Every one of us
We are all in the mire
We have all fallen in the gutter
It’s about knowing that all our futures are bleak
Bleak and dark
Without someone to rescue us
We have all fallen
Yet some are yet to be helped up
The standing have had their helping hand
The standing can’t laud it over the fallen
The standing have no right
No place to judge each other
The place of the standing is to stand in thankfulness
And in that thankfulness to help one another
To restore the fallen
And point all to Him who rescues
Together we are stronger
Together we are wiser
Together we have great power
Great power to make the difference
We have the power to change the world
We have the opportunity to change…
…to change from fighting each other
To fighting for justice
For peace
For life
We can make the difference that we long to see
We can be that difference
We can be the answer to our very prayers
To rise from the gutter and go out to the streets
To the poor
To the unloved
To the hurting
And to those still lying in the gutter
There is an army to muster
There is a battle to be fought
There is a war to be won
A victory to be had
A world to change
A difference to be made
We cannot be static…e Static

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