There’s a place where He longs to lead us
A still place where we can just be
There is wisdom that He longs to show us
And we will rest there just Him and me
There’ll be no rush for us to leave
For time is not an issue as we speak
I will listen as He teaches
And will watch Him, strong yet meek
I will have a host of questions
But I will somehow be restrained
I want to know what He will teach me
What He will say, what He’ll explain
He knows my heart’s every longing
My every question before my words are formed
He knows exactly what I need to know
The ways I need to be reformed
I long to speak, yet need to keep my silence
I yearn to talk, but want to hear him more
A small still voice won’t break through all the chatter
But it’s that voice that I am eager for
And so I come in quiet and sit in patience
I’ll still my thoughts and chase away all noise
And I will wait beyond the storm and earthquake
And I will hear my God, yes I will hear His voice.

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